Let us be your fractional CFO.

As your business grows, more love and attention will be needed beyond that provided by bookkeeping and tax preparation.

As your fractional CFO, you can think of us as a partner on your team with you to help you use the information from financial reports to make strategic growth-minded decisions for the business.

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The expertise of a CFO...at a fraction of the cost.

Getting your books in order is step #1. Strategically planning and making decisions using that information is step #2. That's where the YFP Fractional CFO services come into play. These services help a small business owner get the expertise of a CFO at a fraction of the cost. We will be helping you strategize and grow with the hopes that if we are doing our job you will need to fire us someday to hire a full-time CFO to be on your team.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Year-Round Tax Planning


Leveraging our experience with bookkeeping for pharmacy owners, we will help with the ongoing management of your Quickbooks Online account including regular review of income, disbursements, and expenses. Furthermore, we will help with the reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts. And if you have contractors or employees to pay, we will help manage your payroll services.

Whether you are a side hustler, solopreneur, or serial entrepreneur, we've got you covered. We will help with all of your filing needs including state and federal income tax filings, 1099s, payroll taxes, and more. Furthermore, we will be working with you and your business year-round to answer your tax question and to ensure we are optimizing the tax benefits that come with being a business owner.

Once we have our books in order and are optimizing taxes, it's time to make sure we are using all of that information to strategically help guide the business. In addition to helping you interpret your financial statements, our Fractional CFO services will help with budgeting, cash flow analysis, and business plan development.

How it works:

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Ok, that's not true because there are 5 steps but you get the point.


Sign up.

Click the button below, give us some basic info, and we'll take it from there. If you want to take more with someone from our team to see whether or not there is a good fit, book a free discovery call.


Sign the engagement letter.

That’s accounting-speak for “contract”. We’ll send you everything through our secure client portal, which is what you’ll use to upload documents and receive sensitive correspondence from us. Once signed, you’ll receive a congratulatory welcome letter from us outlining the next steps in our journey.


Fill out our client questionnaire and upload documents.

We’ve spent several years fine-tuning this important data-gathering process to make sure we have all the information we need and understand your business.


Get started onboarding meeting.

During the onboarding meeting, we will review the Quickbooks Online subscription level needed, chart of accounts, and financial statement setup, and ensure all accounts are syncing correctly.


Ongoing support...we are on your team.

After completing the onboarding and technical setup, we will develop an ongoing process for providing financial statements. In addition to helping you interpret your financial statements, our Fractional CFO services will help with budgeting, cash flow analysis, and business plan development.

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